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What Is a 'FAQ'?

"FAQ" articles give specific answers to common questions. They are usually fairly short, and link to other pages describing some feature of Amanda, or to a how to article telling the reader how to do what they want. Try not to duplicate how-to information in a FAQ.

Beginning a 'FAQ' Article

  1. Edit FAQ to add a link to your (as-yet nonexistant) article. The title should start with "FAQ:" and end with a question mark.
  2. Click on the red link that results when you save your changes.
  3. Write your article. Use complete sentences, rather than a bulleted list of your thoughts. If you only have time for a bulleted list, write that and then ask someone else on the mailing list to summarize it.
  4. Add {{FAQ Header}} at the top of your page to link the page back to the rest of the FAQs.

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