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What is a Troubleshooting Article?

A troubleshooting article gives a specific problem, an explanation of what's wrong, and a solution. The title of the article is a brief summary of the problem or, in the case of an error message, the text of the error message.

Due to limitations in MediaWiki, avoid using slashes in the title of the article.

Beginning a Troubleshooting Article

  1. Edit Troubleshooting to add one or more links to your (as-yet nonexistant) article.
  2. Click on the red link that results when you save your changes.
  3. Write your article.
    • Begin your article with {{Troubleshooting Header}} at the top of your page to link the page back to the rest of the Troubleshooting articles.
    • Use top-level headings for Problem, Explanation, and Solution. If your article doesn't break down into these sections, it's not a troubleshooting article!

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