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Installing RedHat Packages


  • Choose the appropriate client and server package for the machine.
  • You should run installation command as super-user ("root")
  • Use the following command to install the package:
/bin/rpm -ivh <rpm name(s)>


  • To upgrade from earlier version of the package, use the following command:
/bin/rpm -Fvh <rpm name(s)>


After installation or upgrade, you can verify if the package has been installed correctly on the machine.

  • Use the following command to verify the installation:
/bin/rpm -Vp <rpm name(s)>


  • Find the package name to un-install. Use the following command to find the packages installed on the machine.
/bin/rpm -qa | grep amanda 
  • Use the following command to un-install the package:
/bin/rpm -e <rpm name(s)>

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