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Amanda::Curinfo - Perl extension for representing the curinfo database


   use Amanda::Curinfo;
   use Amanda::Curinfo::Info;
   my $ci = Amanda::Curinfo->new($somedir);
   my $info = $ci->get_info($host, $disk);
   $ci->put_info($host, $disk, $newinfo);
   $ci->del_info($oldhost, $olddisk);


Amanda::Curinfo is a pure perl implementation of the older infofile libraries.

This package manages a directory of files, referred to in the code as an $infodir, that contain dump data. Each of these files is stored in a nested directory structure by its host and disk name. These files can be accessed and modified using the provided functions with the help of the Amanda::Curinfo::Info class.

Note that this terminology is slightly different from the older infofile.h implementation. Users with no experience with infofile.h can skip to the interface section.

In the API for infofile.h, the term infofile actually refers a directory. This directory is called an infodir within the infofile.c code. This directory held text files, which are referred to as both infofile and txinfofile internally to infofile.c.

This rewrite simplifies the terminology by referring to the storage directory as an $infodir and an individual data-storing file as a $infofile.


Amanda::Curinfo is an interface to retrieve and store info files regarding the backup history of DLEs.

Amanda::Curinfo provides three major routines for handling info file data.

The Amanda::Curinfo constructor is pretty straightforward:

   my $ci = Amanda::Curinfo->new($infodir);

Where $infodir is a directory. In order to retrieve a previously stored info file if the host and disk are known, one can use

   my $info = $ci->get_info($host, $disk);

Once the structure has been updated, it may be re-written to the database in a similar fashion:

  $ci->put_info($host, $disk, $info);

If one would like to erase an existing info entry in an infodir, the usage is the same as retrieving an info object.

  $ci->del_info($host, $disk);

To create a new info object, please see the documentation for Amanda::Curinfo::Info.


This module is meant to replicate the behavior of the library described in server-src/infofile.h. If anyone notices any major problems, please report them.


Paul C. Mantz <pcmantz@zmanda.com>


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