2.5.0 features

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The list of new features(changes) in 2.5.0 release (including patch releases):

  • Communication security/authentication: Kerberos 4/5, OpenSSH
  • Data security: Symmetric/Assymetric encryption algorithms (aesutil and gpg encryption), Encryption can be done on server or client, Custom encryption utilities can be used.
  • Compression: Ability to add custom compression tools. This is a really useful feature especially since it can specified for a DLE. You can use different compression algorithm for images, binaries, ascii files and so on.
  • Dump images spanning multiple media volumes - Dump images are no longer restricted to a single media volume (tape or vtape). Data restoration can be done using amrecover and amfetchdump commands.
  • Amanda configuration file changes
    • Auto tape labelling - This optional feature is good for disk backups (virtual tapes). See label_new_tapes in amanda.conf.
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