2.5.2 features

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  • Many bugs fixed and code cleanup
  • krb5 auth is working
  • Works with IPv6 address
  • Build-time configuration of SSH options
  • amadmin(8) options to list and delete backup images from holding disk
  • Amanda configuration file changes amanda.conf(8) changes
    • debugging is enabled in the config file. See all debug_* config option
    • tapetype 'readblocksize', if maxtapeblocksize is set too larger for your hardware

2.5.2p1 changes

  • Lots of bug fixes
    • Many IPv6 bugs
      • missing sockaddr_storage
      • missing AI_V4MAPPED and AI_ALL
      • compare of IPv4 and IPv6 v4mapped address.
      • (bsd/bsdudp): server use two sockets, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6
    • amflush(8)/autoflush
    • chown/chmod
    • amstatus(8)
    • Compilation failures on some platforms
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