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Amanda features

  • Device API: pluggable interface to storage devices, supporting tapes, vtapes, RAIT, and Amazon S3
  • Perl Interface: New perl modules link directly to Amanda, to support writing Amanda applications in Perl. Perl modules are installed by default in the perl installsite lib directory. It can be changed with 'configure --with-amperldir'.
  • New 'local' security driver supports backups of the amanda server without any network connection or other configuration.

Amanda commands

Amanda configuration

  • Amanda configuration file amanda.conf(5) additions
    • flush-threshold-dumped
    • flush-threshold-scheduled
    • taperflush
    • device_property
  • Parameter default changes
    • usetimestamps default to yes

Amanda compilation and installation

  • configure --disable-shared doesn't work because perl modules require shared libraries. Use configure --with-static-binaries to build statically linked binaries.
  • glib is required to compile and run amanda.
  • Some Amanda files are now installed in new amanda/ subdirectories: libraries are now installed in $libdir/amanda and internal programs are now installed in $libexecdir/amanda. If you mix 2.6.0 and earlier version with rsh/ssh auth, you need to add an 'amandad_path' to the dumptype and to amanda-client.conf
  • The amandates file, previously at /etc/amandates, is now at $localstatedir/amanda/amandates, which is /var/amanda/amandates by default. You should move an existing /etc/amandates in the Amanda client when you upgrade Amanda to this release. The location of this file can be overridden at compile time with --with-amandates or at runtime with the amandates configuration parameter in amanda-client.conf.
  • Almost 200 unit tests are available via 'make installcheck'.
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