2.6.1 features

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  • Application API: Allow to easily write wrappers around any backup program, see the 'amanda-applications' man page.
    • amgtar(8): Use GNU tar, it is a lot more configurable than the GNUTAR program.
    • amstar(8): Use star to do a backup, it work only on a partition.
    • amsamba(8): Use smbclient to backup CIFS share.
    • amzfs-snapshot(8): Do a backup of a ZFS filesystem with 'zfs send'.
  • Script API: Allow to run script before and after amanda process, see the amanda-scripts(7) man page.
  • Changer API v2.0: perl-based changer interface supporting concurrent use of multiple devices and changers.
    • currently operating in "compatibility mode," calling old changershell scripts.
    • under active development.
  • Xfer API: generic library to move and filter data with maximal efficiency
    • can read from and write to arbitrary devices, files, etc.
    • only used in some applications.
  • Amanda archive format: A simple archive format that an application can use to create backup image.
    • 'amarchiver' program to manipulate file in amanda archive format.
  • Many improvements to report better error message to user.
  • amtape(8) subcommands 'slot prev' and 'slot last' are removed.
  • Dozens of Amanda perl libraries, with more stable interfaces.
  • amgetconf(8) '--client' option to retrieve config from amanda-client.conf(5) on a client.
  • Amanda configuration file changes - amanda.conf(5)
    • new application-tool section
    • new script-tool section
    • new device section
    • new changer section