Amanda:What does 'autoflush' parameter do?

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"Flushing" in Amanda means backup images that were left in the holding disk on a previous backup run (amdump(8)) are moved to backup media. The backup images are left in the holding disk possibly because of

  • a backup media failure or
  • insufficient space in the backup media or
  • user configuration to store backup images in holding disk.

By default, backup images in the holding disks (from a previous backup run) are manually flushed with the amflush(8) command. Setting autoflush yes in amanda.conf(5) instructs Amanda to automatically flush them as part of the next amdump(8) run. The effect is similar to manually running amflush right before the amdump, except that:

  • flushed dumps and dumps from the new run are written to the same tape(s); and
  • flushed dumps and dumps from the new run both appear in the dump report.

In particular, note that setting autoflush yes does not affect the level or number dumps that amdump will make.

Backup images in the holding disk can be managed (listed, deleted) using the amadmin(8) command's holding subcommand.

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