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Amanda wins 2009 Linux Journal Reader's Choice award

Thanks everyone for making this happen. See Linux Journal for more details.

Amanda Wordle

    An Amanda Wordle based on Chris Hoogendyk's blog entry Ten Things I Like about Amanda. To see the full sized image, see Amanda Wordle

Sun Fire X4540 Server as Backup Server for Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise 2.6 Software

This quick-start guide provides an introduction to configuring the Sun Fire X4540 server as a backup server for Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6 software. The article provides examples for configuring the zpool and ZFS file systems on the Solaris 10 OS and installing Amanda Enterprise Edition to utilize the Sun Fire X4540 server.

The Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server provides dual quad-core AMD Opterons and up to 48TB storage with transfer rates from disks to network of up to 2GB/s, all in a 4U server.

Amanda: simple ZFS backup or S3

Joe Little, of Stanford, writes "In my multi-tier use of ZFS for backup, I always need an n-tier component that will allow for permanent archiving to tape every 6 months or year" ... "Over time, we have found ways to marry these two solutions [ZFS and Amanda]." ... By breaking up backup streams into chunks "Amanda [can] also be used to backup to Amazon's S3 service. Yes, instead of going to tape, you can configure a tape server to write to an S3 service. S3 limits writes to a maximum of 2GB a file, and amanda's virtual tape solution combined with that chunk sizing of backups works wonderfully to mate ZFS-based storage solutions to S3 for an n-tier solution."

Amanda Wins InfoWorld Best of Open Source Award

From InfoWorld "The InfoWorld Bossies are chosen annually by Test Center editors, analysts, and reviewers. The winners represent the best free and open source software we've used."

Amanda is the 2008 winner for Network Backup.

Backing up to Amazon S3 using Amanda

Lisa Seelye wrote a blog entry about her friend's success and her own success using Amanda to backup their servers to Amazon S3.

Amanda is a Finalist in SourceForge Community Choice Awards

Amanda was the only backup software selected under two categories for SourceForge Community Choice Awards for 2008:

  • Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins
  • Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition

Community Choice 2008 finalists

Go Amanda!