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Debug log files from Amanda server processes are under AMANDA_DBG directory (often /tmp/amanda). Log files are stored in specific configuration sub-directory. All Amanda server processes (such as amindexd, amtapeidxd, planner, dumper, driver) log to files under the server subdirectory. Amandad runs on Amanda server as well as Amanda client. So amandad debug log files are stored in the amandad sub-directory. So, the debug directory structure is AMANDA_DBG/{server, client, amandad}/config. The first part of the debug filename is the command name, followed by the date and time when the command was started, optionally followed by a sequence number, and ends in .debug.

To find the current value of AMANDA_DBG:

$ amadmin x version | grep AMANDA_DBG

Debugging amrecover

The amrecover(8) command communicates with the programs amindexd on the Amanda index server and amidxtaped on the Amanda tape server (usually the same host), and both of these programs create a debug file, amindexd.datetime.debug and amidxtaped.datetime.debug in AMANDA_DBG on the Amanda server.

Debug files are automatically cleaned

The debug files are removed automatically by Amanda after a few days, usually 4, a value defined at compile time:

$ amadmin x version | grep AMANDA_DEBUG_DAYS

You may remove the files manually. This is especially handy when you are debugging a setup, and want to concentrate only on the debug files created in the last run.

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