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For Windows client from Zmanda downloads page, see Amanda Windows Client installation instructions. 


Installation directories

Amanda commands/usr/sbin/opt/amanda/sbinamadmin, amrecover
Amanda configuration/etc/amanda/etc/opt/amandaamanda.conf, disklist
Amanda internal binaries/usr/libexec/amanda/opt/amanda/libamandad, driver (libexec directory)
Amanda libraries/usr/lib/amanda/opt/amanda/liblibamanda.a, libamclient.a
Amanda local/shared state directory/var/lib/amanda/var/opt/amandagnutar-lists, .amandahosts
Amanda man pages/usr/share/man/opt/amanda/manman pages

Installation logs

Installation logs are created in /var/log/amanda directory. All Amanda package installation errors are logged in this log file.

Amanda user

Amanda packages create "amandabackup" user as the Amanda user. All the installed binaries have "amandabackup" as the owner and "disk" as the group name except for some internal Amanda client binaries that are "setuid root". The "amandabackup" user account is locked till the system administrator sets the password for the user. The Amanda user "amandabackup" home directory will be /var/lib/amanda.

amandates file

/var/amanda/amandates is automatically created as part of the post-installation script.

.amandahosts file

Default .amandahosts file is created in Amanda local/shared state directory (see Installation directories above) and it is owned by Amanda user "amandabackup". The contents of the file are:

localhost.localnet        amandabackup
localhost.localnet        root


gnutar-lists directory is created in Amanda local/shared state directory (see Installation directories above) and is owned by Amanda user "amandabackup"

Solaris package dependencies

Amanda server and client packages for Solaris 10 and Open Solaris have dependencies on packages from Solaris OpenCSW site.

  • glib2 >= 2.32.4
  • gtar >= 1.26
  • readline >= 6.2
  • libcurl4 >= 7.28.2
  • libsasl >= 2.2
  • openssh

Above packages have other dependencies, but the OpenCSW package management tool, pkgutil, should find and install them.

If using a tape library or changer, mtx is also needed.

Quick configuration using Zmanda packages

Zmanda website has a white paper on how to install, configure, do backups and recovery using Amanda in 15 minutes.

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