Amdump fails to create level 0 dumps

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This article is a part of the Troubleshooting collection.


Amanda fails to create level 0 dump but creates incrementals.


Look at the amdump(8) logs at /etc/amanda/<configuration>/amdump.1 log for errors

One of the possible reasons can be spotted as, from amdump logs

DELAYING DUMPS IF NEEDED, total_size 17273355, tape length 16974848 mark 15
 delay: / 20051017 0 [dump larger than tape, 17273214 KB,
 full dump delayed] now at level 3
 delay: Total size now 6615786.

Level 0 dump size estimate is 17273355, which exceeds the tape size. So Amanda creates incrementals.

  • Reduce the size of DLE "/" by splitting DLE into multiple DLEs
  • Exclude the some of files being backed up