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This changer is deprecated; see amanda-changers(7)

This tape changer script supports several common configurations:

  • Using multiple tape drives in a single host to emulate a tape changer. This can also be used with a single physical drive to write several tapes in an AMANDA run.
  • Using a gravity stacker or a real changer configured to sequentially load the next tape when the current one is ejected. Also supports a changer which cycles to the first tape after loading the last one.
  • Using a changer accessed through several "virtual" tape devices which determine which slot actually gets loaded in the tape drive.

The advantage of this changer script is that you do not need to get into the complexity of dealing with a real changer interface. All the action goes through the tape device interface with standard mt commands, which eases many portability issues. Many common tape jukeboxes can be configured in a sequential or cycle mode.

NOTE: There are two versions of this changer -- the new version and the old version. See amanda-changers(7) for details.

The old version of chg-multi ignores `tapedev' and `changerdev' because `changerfile' may specify several tape devices to be used. A sample configuration file for it may be found in example/chg-multi.conf.

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