Client configured for auth=bsd while server requested 'bsdudp'

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This article is a part of the Troubleshooting collection.


Authentication on the client and server does not match. The error message will display which authentication protocol is configured on server and the client.


  • Authentication on the client and server should match for both backup (amdump(8)) as well recovery (amrecover(8)) process.
    • Fix the authentication value on in the xinetd configuration on the Amanda client; or
    • Fix the authentication field in the dumptype definition (in amanda.conf(8)) on the Amanda server

You can test a client's configuration from the server with amservice(8) in Amanda-2.6.1 or higher.

 amservice clienthostname auth noop </dev/null

where auth is the authentication you have configured on the client. If this displays a line beginning with "OPTIONS", then the client is configured correctly, and you should check your dumptype on the server. Otherwise, check the configuration on the client.

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