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Static source code analysis

Coverity and Klocwork have been running their static analysis tools on the latest Amanda source code and making the results available for the Amanda developers to analyse and fix the defects. The Amanda hackers are thankful to these companies for making these tools available and in general, helping to improve quality of open source projects.

  • In collaboration with Stanford University, Coverity is establishing a new baseline for software quality and security in open source. Under a contract with the Department of Homeland Security, Coverity applies the latest innovations in automated defect detection to uncover some of the most critical types of bugs found in software.
  • Amanda has been analyzed with Klocwork source code analysis, the most accurate and comprehensive tool for finding critical programming errors and security vulnerabilities.




Protocols, Formats, etc.


These are notes from development conversations in the past; they can help figure out why things are the way they are, but they are not designed as documentation.