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This article answers a FAQ (frequently asked question).

A posting from the amanda-users mailing-list (amanda-users@amanda.org) asked:

"What, please, is a "DLE"? May it mean: Down Loadable Entity ??? Stupid. Do Less Errors ??? Stupid again. Hmmmm ..."

People consulting the amanda-users-mailinglist for the first time often get confused by the use of the abbreviation DLE. It has become very common for regular mailinglist-participants to use the abbreviation DLE, which means, in its long form, "disklist entry".

A DLE refers to one entry in the disklist of an Amanda-configuration. General usage was to describe them as partitions, or file systems. But in fact they do not have to be either. They can be directory trees, or multiple trees, or trees with some branches cut off. So the more generic term DLE was coined.

(from http://www.amanda.org/docs/topten.html#id347521)

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