Getting Started with Amanda

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Welcome to Amanda. This page will help you get an Amanda install up and running, and then point you to resources for modifying it to suit your needs. Think of it as the first step: get something simple working and figure out what makes it tick. Once you're done with this page, it's up to you to figure out - using the manpages and the rest of this wiki - how to make Amanda do what you need.

Getting Started

First up, you'll need to get Amanda installed. This guide assumes Amanda-3.2.0 or later, which your operating system's package library may not contain (many Linux distros are years behind!). See Installation for help on this point. Great, now let's get a basic configuration set up that will back up /etc to local disks.

Let's have a look around at how that basic configuration works


So now you have a working, if not terribly useful, Amanda installation. It's time to start customizing this installation so that it is closer to what you need.

Getting Help

If you need help getting Amanda rolling, there are a number of resources. The #amanda IRC channel on Freenode can be useful, but the amanda-users mailing list is the de facto place for help, design questions, and bug reporting. See the "Getting Help" section of User documentation for links.

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