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Wireless clients

Amanda can backup data from and restore data to wireless clients. The configuration of a wireless client is same as a "wired" client. There are some parameters that will have to be tuned differently for a wireless client

Scheduling wireless client backups

If multiple wireless clients try to send backup data sharing the same access point, there will lot of collisions and wireless network could be sluggish. Change the amdump run schedule or use multiple amanda configurations.

Estimate timeout parameter

Estimates can timeout if there is large amount to be data to be backed up in a wireless network. The amandad logs will indicate the time taken for the dump size estimation. Example:

amandad: time 1249.536: dgram_recv: timeout after 10 seconds

The estimation time in this case was 1249 seconds. The "etimeout" parameter must be double this value because Amanda can request for size estimation for multiple dump levels at the same time.

TCP keepalive time

TCP keepalive time may have to be increased to send more keepalive probes. This can prevent "connection reset by peer" errors due to idle tcp connections during backup operation.


If a firewall is being used on amanda server or client based on iptables, UDP timeout will have to be increased. Use ip_conntrack_amanda kernel module to increase the udp timeout for iptables.

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