How To:Restore from a RAIT Device

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Restoring from RAIT devices works just like restoring from any other device. See How To:Recover Data.

using amrestore(8)

When performing a manual restore from a RAIT tapeset, you can just use amrestore with the rait device name, like so:

$ amrestore -f 10 'rait:/dev/rmt/tps0d{4,5,6}n'

If one of the devices in a RAIT array fails, you can specify it with the string ERROR to get a read-only RAIT device capable of supporting restores. This works both for amrestore and in amanda.conf(5):

tapedev "rait:{/dev/rmt/tps0d4,ERROR,/dev/rmt/tps0d6}"

If you're using chg-rait, you can specify ERROR in a similar fashion to enable read-only use of the RAIT changer:

tpchanger "rait:{robot1,ERROR,robot3}"

Other than these details, restores from a RAIT device are like any other kind of restore.

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