How To:Run Amanda Across a NAT Boundary

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To get Amanda to work across a NAT (masquerade) boundry you need two things:

1. set up a forwarding that preserves the reserved port (which is silly in this day and age). is the Amanda Client, is the Amanda Server, is the NAT's external IP. My ipnat.conf:

map ex0 from to -> portmap udp 600:800
map ex0 -> portmap tcp/udp 1025:60000 
map ex0 -> 

2. Allow the transport stream. This happens on a high numbered TCP port thats randomly chosen for both endpoints. It took me a while to determine this. frags of my ipf.conf on the client: (These both have group tags that pulled the traffic from the particular interface.)

pass in proto udp from to any port = amanda
pass in proto tcp from to keep state


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