How To:Upgrade from Amanda-2.4 to Amanda-2.6

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This is taken from this forums post; please feel free to edit as necessary

Particulars of this guide:

  • All amanda clients will remain in v2.4 at the moment (will be migrated in the next step)
  • The physical server hosting Amanda is not the same (due to disk space restriction on the old one
  1. Prepare the new server, with correct partitionning. In my case, i've installed Red hat Entreprise 5
  2. Installation of MTX rpm (rpm -ivh mtx-1.2.8.rpm)
  3. Installation of Amanda server 2.6.1 rpm, downloaded from zmanda website (rpm -ivh amanda-server-2.6.1.rpm). This creates the amandabackup user, in the disk group and the amanda files and directories.
  4. Backup configuration of the old server, following the following thread:
  5. Backup the crontab of amanda user
  6. merge the old amanda.conf (v2.4.5) with the new one, using the new options. Pay attention to the indexdir configuration entry, so that the new server can recover the old indexes.
  7. Find the tape device and the changer device: execute mtx -f /dev/xxx inquiry. For a changer, the output should be Product Type: Medium Changer, for the tape device, it should be Product Type: Tape Drive.
  8. Check the tape device you found using amdevcheck: execute amdevcheck <config> /dev/nst0 (for example). If the device is correct the command will output SUCCESS.

At this point, amanda server is able to communicate with the tape device. validate your server configuration using

amcheck -stw <config>.

If it succeeds, you can now test your clients. In my particular case (2.6 server and 2.4 clients), I had to use BSD UDP authentication.

  1. Modify /etc/xinetd.d/amandaserver file on your server to use bsd UDP authentication (see
  2. On each client modify the .amandahosts file to allow amandabackup user to connect to the client (insert a line like this: server_distinguished_name server_backup_user)
  3. Validate the server can communicate with the clients: amcheck -c <config>

Now, you have your server and clients up and running.

Validate that recover is still possible and that the server have recover the index from the old one.

I hope this will help. Migration is not very hard in itself, the most difficult part is to configure the connection to the tape device.

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