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The Application API provides for pluggable applications that are designed to back up specific kinds of data. Applications are executables that live on the Amanda client. Note that, for security reasons, you cannot provide a full path to the executable; it must reside in the application directory.


Define the my_app_engineering application using the myapplication binary.

 define application-tool my_app_engineering {
    comment "a comment"
    "my_app"                          # inherit config of the my_app application
    plugin  "myapplication"           # name of the application
    property "mailto" "engineering"   # can set property

Now you have an application named my_app_engineering. Next, define the engineering_app dumptype using the my_app_engineering application-tool

 define dumptype engineering_app {
    program "APPLICATION"
    application "my_app_engineering"

Any DLE with dumptype engineering-app will then use myapplication.

You can get a bit fancier than this, using nested definitions: Define the my_dumptype_root using a modified my_app application

 define dumptype my_dumptype_root {
    program "APPLICATION"
    application {                # define a custom application
       "my_app"                  # inherit setting from another application
       property "mailto" "root"  # override property

DLEs using my_dumptype_root will use the myapplication plugin to back up the client.

Available Applications

For the most up-to-date list, see amanda-applications(7).

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