How To:Use Wake-On-LAN to Awaken Clients

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Backup Clients will go to sleep if there is no activity on the client. To backup clients that have to gone to sleep, "wakeonlan" feature has to be used. Currently, Amanda does not do "wakeonlan" before trying doing dump estimate and backup run. There are two ways to resolve the problem:

  1. Do not allow automatic sleep on servers that need backup.
  2. Let the amanda server start a script that keeps the clients wake during the backup time: write a marker-file, and start a script in the background that does wakeonlan e.g. every 15 minutes as long as the file exists. When amdump is finished, remove the file. User could even parse the output of amstatus and let the wakeonlan only bother with machines that have not done yet:
amstatus config --waitdumping --estimate --gestimate

The above command would list the necessary machines (no need for --dumping, because real activity does not let the machine go to sleep).

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