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You may run into an internal /bin/sh limit when running the configure script. The error message is:

./configure: sh internal 2K buffer overflow

Using /bin/posix/sh usually works around the problem. Another solution is to install GNU bash and use it instead of /bin/sh.

If `configure' complains about not finding `lex', you'll have to get `flex' installed. Look for its URL in Amanda Installation Notes.

If you use logical volumes, you may refer to mountpoints or full device pathnames instead of device names in the disk list file.

According to Stan Brown <>, amverify won't work with HP/UX's stock mt. The work-around is to install GNU cpio, that contains an implementation of mt, and edit amverify so that MT points to GNU mt and MTOPT is `-f', or reconfigure and rebuild amanda from scratch, making sure it finds GNU mt before the stock mt in the PATH.

If you have vxfs filesystems to back up, AMANDA will pick vxdump automatically.

GNU-tar 1.12 will incorrectly report the size of backups. There's a patch in the patches directory that fixes this problem.

Sometimes you may get the error message `Link severed' from an HP/UX client. This is just a cute name the developers of HP/UX found for `Network error'. Reported by Michael Brehl <>

I had one hell of a time getting this work. I couldnt get a Linux server to communicate with the HPUX client. It turns out HPUX does something weird with their networking and the amanda client failed everytime with this:

1211303561.587662: amandad: dgram_recv(dgram=0x800003ffff74bac0, timeout=0, fromaddr=0x800003ffff75bab8)
1211303561.588071: amandad: (sockaddr_in *)0x800003ffff75bab8 = { 0, 0, }
1211303561.588384: amandad: security_handleinit(handle=0x8000000000014c68, driver=0x800003ffff73f8e8 (BSD))
1211303561.588615: amandad: getnameinfo failed: address family not supported
1211303561.588787: amandad: security_seterror(handle=0x8000000000014c68, driver=0x800003ffff73f8e8 (BSD) error=getnameinfo failed: address family not supported)

This was fixed in 2.6.0p2 thanks to djmitche.

As of 2.6.0 amhpfixdevs was removed. The build will fail since it doesnt exist. touch client-src/amhpfixdevs(also chmod u+x) and client-src/amhpfixdevs.h.

To compile I had to build all the dependencies from scratch. Some newer dependencies failed so reverting back to older versions fixed this. My build environment:

HPUX 11iv1
gcc 3.4.6 according to
make 3.81
binutils 2.18
glib 2.2.3
gettext 0.16.1
termcap 1.3.1
textinfo 4.6
libiconv 1.12

grabbed all sources from their host site with the exception of gcc. Good Luck! (

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