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This section contains specific information about operating systems and applications so you can achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure backups are internally consistent so you won't end up with corrupt data after a restore.
  • Backup only essential data needed to restore an operating system/application, its configuration and your data. This keeps the backup as small as possible, so reduces backup time and tape usage.
  • Remove strange results which do not indicate errors so there will be no noise in the report emails. This ensures that when strange results appear in the reports something is actually wrong and must be checked.


  • The paths of Amanda executables, configuration files and data differ per system/distribution/... Check and adjust the paths if needed.
  • The examples use the default name for the Amanda configuration: DailySet1. Change this to the name(s) that you use.
  • The paths in exclude patterns are absolute paths. You have to make the paths relative to your DLEs. See exclude and include lists for more information.

The pages will also explain which non-essential/derived data you might want to backup to prevent (expensive) regeneration or downloading of this data. Using this information you can decide what the best option is in your situation: fast recovery (= larger backups) or minimal recovery (= smaller backups).

Operating systems


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