Planner: ERROR amanda user is not allowed to execute the service noop

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This article is a part of the Troubleshooting collection.


amdump(8) fails with planner error and no backups are created; amreport(8) output or the backup email contains the following in the "FAILURE and STRANGE DUMP SUMMARY" section.

 planner: ERROR <server name> NAK :  user <amanda user> from <server name> is not allowed to execute 
 the service noop:   Please add "amdump" to the line in /<home directory of amanda user>/.amandahosts
 <client name>    <directory> RESULTS MISSING


.amandahosts does not have correct entries to do backup.


  • Add the following entry to .amandahosts on the client.
 <server name> <amanda user> amdump

Example: amandabackup amdump
  • Make sure the hostname you use is the canonical hostname, ie the hostname to which the IP address resolves.
  • Amanda is very particular about .amandahosts permissions. Ensure that the permisions are 400, like this:
    -r--------   1 amanda         63 Mar 23 08:42 .amandahosts

At 600, mine fails the selfcheck

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