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The current format for a REQ packet is:

 one DLE by line

For each DLE line, the first field are space separated and the option are name=value pair, but all name must be known.

We have 2 problems with this format:

 1. At each amanda release, it's become harder to parse, new field are
    added and it's hard to tell if it's the newer format or a
    previous, we use technique like comparing if it's char or numeric,
 2. We can't add Application-API property because all option must be

To fix 1: All the field must be a name=value pair.

To fix 2: We must differentiate between amanda option and Application-API property.

I propose the following new format:

1- The REQ packet for a NOOP request will not change (We must be compatible with previous release).
2- The SERVICE line will not change (needed to parse a NOOP request).
3- The OPTIONS line will not change (the features must be parsed before we know if the server sent the old or new format.
4- The DLE line will be changed to an xml like syntax as follow:
                <estimate>CLIENT|CALCSIZE|SERVER</estimate>     #if fe_xml_estimate
                <backup-program>            #if application-api :program=APPLICATION
                   <property>               #can be repeated
                <level>0..9</level>         #can be repeated for sendsize
                   <file>...</file>         #can be repeated
                   <list>...</list>         #can be repeated
                   <file>...</file>         #can be repeated
                   <list>...</list>         #can be repeated

This new format will be easier to parse, it will be easy to add new field without breaking compatibility. Adding application-api property will not change the format.

The new packet format will be used only if the client and server support it, the older format will be used otherwise.

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