Taper log says: taper: critical (fatal): Can't locate auto/Amanda/Device/Device/swig volume.al in @INC

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You are notified (or not notified) by amanda of a failure involving amdump or amflush (or ?) to this effect:

taper: critical (fatal): Can't locate auto/Amanda/Device/Device/swig_volume.al in @INC...


This is most likely due to the tape Amanda was trying to use being unlabeled although Amanda somehow had the idea it was/should be labeled.


Use amlabel(8) to label the tape or setup autolabel in your amanda.conf(5) file.

Variations of This Problem

  • amflush fails with 'taper: FATAL Can't locate auto/Amanda/De [1]

Additional Information

  • Note that this error may not appear in any of your "normal" Amanda haunts. You may have something like this in the results of 'amstatus config': ...99356682k failed: killed while writing to tape (66472960k done (66.90%)) (5:32:56), waiting for a new tape So be sure to check your dumper logs.
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