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  • tapecat - Information regarding the amanda tape and tape contents are displayed. The information includes the tape label, the diskdevice and the diskname as specified in the disklist file.
  • amandatape - A perl script to print labels for Amanda backup tapes. Download the file and save it as amandatape
  • Lto-barcode - A perl script to generate barcode labels for LTO Tapes (not amanda specific)
  • testgtar - A perl script to test GNU tar exclude patterns. It takes exclude file and DLE as the parameters.
  • Gene's Amanda helper scripts - This tar ball contains amdump and amflush helper script (bak-indices-configs) that backs up configuration and indexes generated by the backup run to the end of the current tape/vtape. The availability of configuration and indices would permit bare metal recovery. Please read README file in the tar ball before using the tools. Modify the tool for the Amanda configuration.
  • Amanda operators manual - This manual is used by Amanda Administrators at AIT in Thailand. The operators manual has information about tape management, troubleshooting, Amanda backup scheduling and Amanda index database.
  • chg-multiplex - A changer-script, intended to restore from multiple backup-configs
  • ShowNextTapeNeeded - Bash script to determine which tapes will be required for the next dump
  • Nagios script by Chad Kotil to monitor Amanda for errors and failures
  • DLT/SDLT Barcode Label Printing Gui - This tar ball contains a PHP web application to print bar code labels for (S)DLT cartridges. Not necessarily amanda specific - useable for any backup system / robotic (S)DLT library. Requires a Linux box running Apache, PHP and GNU barcode.
  • Off Site Backups For Amanda - Charles Curley's article with scripts that shows how he backs up Amanda vtapes for off site backups.

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