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Device Definitions

Define the idea of "named" devices, vs. device specifiers:

named device 
device specifier 

Named devices can have properties associated with them:

define device tape-drive {
  comment "generic tape drive"
  device_property "BLOCK_SIZE" "32768"
  tapetype "LTO-3" # future addition?

define device LTO-3-drive-1 {
  tapedev "tape:/dev/nst0"
  comment "the one on the left"

define device LTO-3-drive-2 {
  tapedev "tape:/dev/nst1"
  comment "the one on the right"

tapedev "rait:{LTO-3-drive-1,LTO-3-drive-2}"

Changer Definitions

A bit trickier -- how does a changer "invent" a device definition and send it back to Amanda?

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