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We may or may not need an on-wiki list of tasks, but having a handy set of tasks categorized by skills and available time, along with some way to note who's working on what, will be useful. Whiteboard?

  • Tasks
  • docs
    • edit/update a wiki page - Category:Needs Attention/Category:Needs Attention:Dustin
    • edit a manpage and submit a patch for it
    • copy-edit some POD
    • document encryption support
      • wiki pages
      • write an amanda-crypto(7) documenting the interface
      • make scripts more portable
      • take over maintainership of this corner of Amanda
  • bugs
    • triage SF bugs and hide the tracker once all bugs are closed or moved elsewhere
  • testing
    • run installchecks on trunk
    • test trunk with a unique config of some sort
    • add unit tests for your favorite application
      • amtape
  • perl
  • packaging
    • Mac package build
    • BSD port integration (is there anything to do here?)
    • Solaris/OpenSolaris
    • find downstream patches and pull them upstream (gentoo, at least)
  • Set up and host a public buildbot
  • App API
  • C
    • misc/code-quality
      • replace uses of "argvchild[j++] = ..."
      • use glib memory allocation functions universally
      • Use CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE instead of setting euid=0 for code that needs to bind to low port numbers
    • Device API
      • All program and script should have a '--version' argument
      • add an FTP device
      • add "VERBOSE" support to other devices
      • support reading variable block sizes in RAIT device
      • RAIT device should relay PROPERTY_MAX_VOLUME_USAGE to children
      • Need a way to make other device operations asynchronous from Perl
      • S3: only write 32k headers, regardless of block size
      • Add support for erase()/full deletion to RAIT device
      • Fix locking in VFS device
      • New Tasks/Optical Device
      • New block device (uses raw disks or partitions)
      • implement PROPERTY_MAX_VOLUME_USAGE for S3 device
      • utilize Linux st driver's buffering flags to avoid splitting
      • support appending in tape device
    • XFA
      • better memory allocation
      • make available on server and client
      • Use splice(), on systems that support it, for fd-to-fd copies
      • more elements
        • fork/exec filter
        • libz filter
        • security API stream source, dest
    • Security
    • SWIG
      • SWIG infofile.h
      • SWIG security API

Advance Setup

Provide written guidelines as wiki pages (most of these are written already) and in other formats

  • for checking out, building, patching, and submitting a patch
  • downloading the latest tarball and testing it
  • editing and building manpages
  • Perl libs
    • re-record new webinar
  • Test::Harness and installchecks
  • Application API
    • including pre-recorded webinar
  • Device API


We should all be around #amanda and available during a time period that would cover the end of the work day and beginning of the evening from western Europe through the western US. This would be a day we don't plan to get much of our own hacking done!

If necessary, we can convene a phone conference. If there are enough people interested, we can have meatspace meetings in the DC area and/or in the Valley.

Provide some kind of token Zmanda or Amanda swag to anyone who commits during this period (or does a signfiicant amount of work that ends up getting committed later).

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