Port NNNN is not secure

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amcheck(8) and other programs give the error:

Port nnn is not secure


Because `amcheck', as some other Amanda programs, must be installed as setuid-root. Run `make install' as `root', or `chown' all Amanda setuid programs to `root', then `chmod u+s' them again, if `chown' drops the setuid bit.


When the Amanda server contacts a client, it requests one or more ports on the client for communication. Ordinarily, the client will respond with clients in the "secure" range (0 - 1023). If the client's configuration is different, or if it cannot allocate such a port (because it is not running as root), then this error will appear.

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This text was originally contributed to the AMANDA-FAQ-O-Matic by gyles19@visi.com.

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