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The list of new features and changes in 2.5.1 release:

  • Defects found by Coverity scan and Klocwork K7 analysis tools fixed.
  • Works with GNU tar 1.15.91 - work with new gtar state file format. The GNU tar format to store information about the incrementals has changed. Amanda 2.5.1 treats gnutar incremental files as opaque files.
  • Open SSL encryption support
  • Two new authentication methods: bsdtcp, bsdudp.
  • Unlimited number of DLEs on a client with bsdtcp, rsh and ssh authentication methods.
  • Recovery process amrecover uses Secure API. amoldrecover command (same syntax and functionality as amrecover command) is provided for compatibility with old Amanda releases. amoldrecover command uses old amidxtaped/amindexd protocol.
  • Amanda debug files are separated into client/server/amandad and are also classified based on Amanda configuration name.
  • Amanda command changes
    • amfetchdump -o is replaced by -O.
    • amcheck -w option does all tests including the tape writable test. Use amcheck -t -w to do only the tape writable test.
    • -o command option to override Amanda configuration. See amanda man page for details.
    • amgetconf command doesn't write the BUGGY message when a entry is not found in the configuration file.
  • Amanda configuration file changes
    • amanda.conf changes
      • amrecover_do_fsf in amanda.conf defaults to yes
      • amrecover_check_label in amanda.conf defaults to yes
      • usetimestamps in amanda.conf to support multiple backup runs in a calendar day.
      • holdingdisk in amanda.conf supports new values: NEVER, AUTO, REQUIRED.
      • amandad_path, client_username and ssh_keys in amanda.conf for ssh/rsh authentication.
    • New amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf. Different client configuration file can be used for each Amanda configuration.
      • gnutar_list-dir and amandates can be specified in Amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf
    • .amandahosts format changes to allow use of secure API for recovery.
    • Amanda service entries in xinetd configuration has changed.
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