3.2 features

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Not all changes are listed. Please check man pages.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous writes to storage devices
    • Can write to all available drives in parallel.
    • Works only with the new changer API.
    • Useful if two or more volumes are used in a single run.
    • Dump direct to tape can be scheduled any time during the run, previously they were done sequentially after all dump to holding disk.
    • Enabled with the new 'taper-parallel-write' configuration option. see amanda.conf(5)
  • Support for LEOM in storage devices
    • allows splitting without partial parts, saving space.
    • much more efficient, since parts need not be cached on disk in most cases.
  • new, simpler splitting commands in the tapetype section
    • part-size, part-cache-type, part-cache-dir, part-cache-max-size. see amanda.conf(5)
  • Amanda server configuration file changes amanda.conf(5)
    • new configuration keyword:
      • taper-parallel-write -- How many drive amanda can write to in parallel.
    • deprecated configuration keywords:
      • amrecover_do_fsf
      • amrecover_check_label
  • The CONFIG parameter to amidxtaped is now required; this means that versions of amrecover older than 2.4.3 will be unable to recover from servers running Amanda-3.2 and later.
  • The new dumptype and global parameters 'recovery-limit' can be used to limit which hosts may recover from a particular DLE. See amanda.conf(5) and amanda-auth(7) for more information.
    • Several old changers have been removed - these changers will work with Amanda for the forseeable future, but are no longer included in the distribution.
      • chg-chio
      • chg-chs
      • chg-iomega
      • chg-juke
      • chg-mcutil
      • chg-mtx
      • chg-null (use the new "chg-null:")
      • chg-rait (use the new "chg-rait:{dev1,dev2}")
      • chg-rth
      • chg-scsi-chio
      • chg-scsi
  • Amdump change amdump(8)
    • new '--no-taper' option to start the run in degraded mode
  • Amvault changes amvault(8)
    • Supports assembling split parts on the source volume and re-splitting them on the destination
    • Supports filtering dumps with the same syntax as amfetchdump
    • --fulls-only option skips all incremental dumps on the source
    • --export option tries to move tertiary volumes to import/export slots when completed
    • incompatible command-line syntax changes; see amvault(8) or 'amvault --help'
  • Rewritten and improved: