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  • Fix compilation on Solaris
  • Do not check all 'r' bit on suid binary
  • Fix parsing of configuration override (-o)
    • can unset some setting
  • client code will not fail if shared memory is not available
  • amreport
    • lot of improvement
  • allow '*' for a datestamp wildcard
  • amgetconf
    • print an empty string if a parameter is not set instead of 'no such parameter'
  • amdump
    • new --no-dump, --no-flush and --no-vault argument
  • amstatus fix
  • lock holding disk to protect multiple parallel access


  • Use different thread to connect to different client
  • amservice, amcheck, planner, dumper are no longer suid root
  • ambind
    • new suid program to bind to a privileged port
  • amanda-security.conf
    • new tcp_port_range, range of privileged tcp port
    • new udp_port_range, range of privileged udp port
  • S3 device
    • openstack keystone v3 support
      • device-property STORAGE-API must be set to SWIFT-3
      • new PROJECT-NAME device-property
      • new DOMAIN-NAME device-property
  • amfetchdump
    • rename --directory argument to --target
  • ampgsql
    • new --incremental property
    • new --remove-full-wal property
    • new --remove-incremental-wal property
  • fix planner looping
  • fix overflow in S3 device
  • fix compilation on OpenBSD
  • fix race in amarchive reader
  • fix amflush (flush date selected by user)
  • fix local auth, use getaddrinfo to find if the host is local
  • fix dumper cancelling the shm_ring with a STRANGE result
  • fix chunker hang
  • Improve taperscan with chg-single and interactivity
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