Monthly Status Updates/June 2007

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June saw the release of Amanda 2.5.2p1 on June 6, a patch release which was thoroughly tested with the help of the Platform Experts and many users from the mailing lists and forums. This patch release has proven quite stable, and development has shifted to feature development for the next release.


Community Choice Award

SourceForge, the open source hosting service which supports Amanda, announced its 2007 Community Choice Awards. Please vote for Amanda in the Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins category.

Wiki Changes

Forums Discussions

Many users had questions about configuring Amanda to their needs. Most questions were about communication problems, and were quickly addressed. Among the more unusual questions were the following.

Mailing List Discussions

Code Development

Most of the development work in June was focused on testing and bugfixes for the 2.5.2p1 release. Subsequent to the release, Dustin J. Mitchell committed a number of minor changes that had been queued up awaiting release, including improved holding-disk management, streamined internationalization, and debugging support.

  • Jean-Louis Martineau
    • fixed a bug discovered by Marc Muehlfeld where hosts running in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 environment would encounter errors (r397)
    • fixed a bug discovered by Christopher McCrory where amfetchdump sent messages to stdout, corrupting the resulting tarfiles (r410)
    • fixed spurious detection of GNU Tar's backup as a dump-compatible program (r411)
  • Dustin J. Mitchell
    • streamlined the handling of exit statuses from the programs Amanda invokes (r420)
    • fixed broken file-locking support on Solaris, as reported by Paul Crittenden (r422)
    • clarified the error message resulting from incorrect entries in .amandahosts (r423)
  • Franz Fischer submitted a patch to make amtapetype close the tape device after rewinding, to work around a hardware/OS bug on his system. The patch was modified and committed by Jean-Louis Martineau (r416)
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