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mysql-zrm-purge - Utility to purge backups that have gone past retention policy date in ZRM for MySQL.


                      [--destination directory name]
                      [--options-file filename]


This utility removes expired backups (based on retention policies specified during backup) from the specified --destination directory.


--destination directory name
Specify the directory where backup are stored. Default location is /var/lib/mysql-zrm/. If this option is specified, the directory must be exist and should be writable by the ZRM for MySQL user. If not, the utility exits with an error.
--options-file filename
Set the file along with full pathname that contains MySQL command options.
--tmpdir temporary directory to be used
Full path of the directory to be used for storing temporary files and directories on the backup host. If not specified it defaults to the system specified temporary directory on the backup host, e.g. /tmp.
Choose quiet to suppress display of log messages on stdout. Choose no-quiet to display the log messages to standard output (stdout). The default is --no-quiet.
Provide more detailed output in the log. Verbose output is turned off by default.
Displays the help message and exits. This command line only parameter cannot be specified in the configuration file.


Directory under which all backup data is stored.
/etc/mysql-zrm/backup set name/mysql-zrm.conf
Configuration file read by ZRM for MySQL.


On success, zero is returned. On error, non-zero value is returned.


mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm-manage-backup(1), mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-check(1), mysql-zrm-getconf(1), mysql-zrm-list(1), mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1), mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1), mysql-zrm-reporter(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysqldump(1), mysqlbinlog(1), mysql(1), lvm(8).


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