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An error message from Amanda:

... not an amanda tape


Amanda requires you to label tapes before it uses them. Run amlabel(8) in order to label a tape.

You may also be able to use label_new_tapes (autolabel as of version 3.1) in amanda.conf(5) to automatically label tapes.

If, even after labeling a tape, amcheck(8) still complains about it, make sure the regular expression specified via labelstr in amanda.conf(5) matches the label you have specified, and check whether you have configured non-rewinding tape devices for Amanda to use. For example, on Linux use /dev/nrst0 instead of /dev/rst0, or /dev/rmt/0bn instead of /dev/rmt/0b. The `n' stands for non-rewinding.

If you have labeled any tapes using the rewinding device configuration, you may have to label them again (see Discussion).


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