Application API/Implementation

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The implementation of the Application API will be done in many phases. As of release-2.6.1, phase 3 is largely completed.

Phase 1: Application API that is unaware of collections

  a- tape header change
  b- Small change to the protocol to allow the server to send Application API information to the client.
  c- modify selfcheck/sendsize/sendbackup/amrecover to use the Application API
  d- amrecover/amidxtaped

Phase 2: Tool definition in amanda.conf and amanda-client.conf

  a- conffile
  b- protocol change to send tool property to plugins, <XML> for REQ packet

Phase 3: new format for message in selfcheck/sendsize/sendbackup (XML)

  a- Change in selfcheck/sendsize/sendbackup
  b- Change in amcheck/planner/dumper

Phase 4: Object user index content attribute

  a- new XML index format
  b- amindexd - sort and parse new index format
  c- protocol between amindexd and amrecover to send attribute
  d- amrecover - can display attribute.

Phase 5: Allow collection in data stream

  a- the index will contains information about collection
  data stream should not be filtered (compression/encryption), otherwise, we can recover a single collection.

Phase 6: amrestore/amfetchdump can restore only one collection instead of a complete data stream

Phase 7: amrecover understand collection

  a- amindexd send collection information to amrecover
  b- amrecover send collection information to amidxtaped.
  c- amidxtaped send only the needed collection

Phase 8: filter each collection separately

  a- a new filter must be executed for each collection