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The curinfo database stores information on Amanda's "current" state. It is the data used to run amadmin - info, and is dumped in its entirety by amadmin - export.

The curinfo database is located in the infodir specified in amanda.conf(5). It is currently stored in a text format (identical to the output of amadmin - export, in fact), but is programmatically accessed as a database. Even in large installations, it does not grow to such a size as to be unmangeable in this form.

Database Users

The planner and driver use the curinfo database to make decisions about what sorts of dumps to make, and when to make them, based on the curinfo database. Although the history in the database could be used to support a restore, amrecover(8) uses trace logs instead.

Database Contents

The database contains a record for each DLE. That record gives:

  • level of last dump (last_level) and number of runs at that level (consecutive_runs) -- used to determine which level should be dumped next.
  • dump-rate statistics (rates for the last three dumps) -- used to calculate bandwidth estimates

For each of the last NB_HISTORY dumps of the DLE, the record also includes the following stats:

  • level
  • size
  • compressed size
  • dump time
  • filenum and label (if the dump made it to tape)

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