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This article answers a FAQ (frequently asked question).

This is a common problem reported by new admins of Amanda configs that have been working since the last admin left.

This is almost always because a disk has grown far larger than the size when the Amanda configuration was last adjusted. Amanda sends daily report emails which contain enough information to anticipate these problems and configure around them.

Most often, the problem is one of the following:

Estimate Timeouts

As a disk, especially on an older, slower machine, grows in size and number of files, Amanda's estimate of the size of that disk will take longer and longer. Eventually, this can exceed Amanda's configured estimate timeout (etimeout), usually triggering a Results missing error message.

Oversized Dumps

Similarly, a large disk may no longer fit on a single tape, or the combination of all DLEs may no longer fit on a tape. This can be especially problematic for systems where tape spanning is not enabled, or if runtapes is set to 1. See:

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