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What Is a 'How To'?

"How To" articles generally give instructions for accomplishing some goal, and their titles should describe the action of completing that goal. Good examples of How To pages are:

  • How To:Dump Via an SSH Tunnel
  • How To:Recover SQLite Databases From Backups

Bad examples might be:

  • How To:Amcheck Errors -- "Amcheck Errors" is not an action.
  • How To:Backup With Amanda -- That's what the whole wiki is about! Be more specific.

Beginning a 'How To' Article

  1. Edit How Tos to add a link to your (as-yet nonexistant) article.
  2. Click on the red link that results when you save your changes.
  3. Write your article. Use the imperative voice, but try to write in complete sentences and paragraphs, rather than a bulleted list.
  4. Add {{How To Header}} at the top of your page to link the page back to the rest of the How Tos.

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