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Amanda can optionally make use of the following packages to back up different types of clients or clients with different filesystem dumping programs.

  • GNU-tar: Use GNU tar 1.15 or later version on Amanda clients. Earlier versions of GNU tar (some versions of 1.13 and 1.14) are known to have problems.
GNU tar can be downloaded from
  • Samba: Samba allows Unix systems to talk to Windows clients. Amanda has a native Zmanda Windows Client but can also back up Microsoft Windows clients using samba. Read the Windows client section of Backup client for configuration tips and known limitations.
  • Perl: As of version 2.6.0, Amanda is partially written in perl, and requires Perl 5.6.0 or later.
  • Awk: One of the programs included in this package is amplot(8), which reads a data file that Amanda generates for each dump and translates that information in it into a nice picture that can be used to determine how your installation is doing and if any parameters need to be changed. To use amplot, you need a version of awk that understands command line variable substitutions, such as nawk or gawk. gawk is available from or your Linux distribution repositories.
  • Build tools (autoconf, automake, bison): If you are an Amanda developer, see Development Dependencies for the build tools you will need.

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