Installation/OS Specific Notes/Installing Amanda on Digital UNIX

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According to Michael Galloway <>, the stock DUX4 dump is broken. There is a patch available at

When both dump and vdump are available, AMANDA will use vdump for backing up advfs filesystems only, and dump will be used for the rest. If you'd rather back up all filesystems with vdump, #undef DUMP in config/config.h after running configure.

Unfortunately, the output of `dump -E' incorrectly matches a line of output from SAMBA, which gets AMANDA's estimate process confused. client-src/sendsize.c will refuse to compile if both HAVE_DUMP_ESTIMATE and SAMBA_CLIENT are defined in config/config.h. AMANDA will work correctly if you undefine HAVE_DUMP_ESTIMATE in config/config.h; if you prefer to have incorrect estimates for SAMBA backups, follow the instructions in client-src/sendsize.c on removing the compile-time error.

According to Oren Laadan <>, DEC compiler version "DEC C V5.2-033 on Digital UNIX V4.0 (Rev. 564)" (obtained with "cc -V") does not build AMANDA properly, in particular, taper.c. Using gcc is OK.

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