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mysql-zrm.conf - Configuration file for ZRM for MySQL




The configuration file mysql-zrm.conf stores site-wide (or backup-set specific) parameters that control operation of the ZRM for MySQL suite. Custom parameters can be associated with a particular backup set by specifying them in a mysql-zrm.conf file stored in a /etc/mysql-zrm/<backup set name>/ directory, or by specifying an --options conf_file on most of the command line utilities. Parameters (and --options) specified on the command line override both site-wide and backup-set specific parameters. Note that if certain parameters are not specified in the the site-wide mysql-zrm.conf file, ZRM for MySQL suite can also use the MySQL options file (my.cnf) parameters.


This section describes the syntax for mysql-zrm.conf configuration file. All parameters are specified as


All parameters are optional; if a parameter is not specified, an appropriate ’factory default’ is applied.

All white space is ignored unless quoted. All lines beginning with # are treated as comments (i.e., they are ignored).

Parameters can be:

Backup parameters
comment, backup-level, backup-mode, lvm-snapshot, destination, retention-policy, replication, compress, compress-plugin, encrypt, encrypt-plugin, decrypt-option
Database parameters
all-databases, databases, tables, database
MySQL server parameters
user, password, host, port, socket, ssl-options, ndb-connectstring, mysql-binpath, mysql-binlogpath, tmpdir
ZRM parameters
verbose, mailto, html-report-directory, html-reports, webserver-url, rss-header-location
ZRM plugin parameters
copy-plugin, pre-backup-plugin, pre-backup-plugin-options, post-backup-plugin, post-backup-plugin-options, pre-scheduler-plugin, passfile, ssh-user, remote-mysql-binpath, socket-remote-port

Description of ZRM for MySQL parameters and their values are available in mysql-zrm(1).


Global configuration file
/etc/mysql-zrm/backup set name/mysql-zrm.conf
Configuration file ZRM for MySQL.


mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm-manage-backup(1), mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-check(1), mysql-zrm-list(1), mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1), mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1), mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1), mysql-zrm-reporter(1).


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