Addr hostname lookup failed

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This article is a part of the Troubleshooting collection.


amandad(8) fails with error

addr hostname lookup failed

The amdump(8) and amcheck(8) commands may display this error.


Check the amandad debug logs on the client. For example: /tmp/amanda/amandad.<Datestamp>. Example of log messages:

amandad: time 0.000: dgram_send_addr: sendto( failed:
Invalid argument
amandad: time 0.003: sending REP packet:
Amanda 2.4 REP HANDLE 001-A8850608 SEQ 1152114891
ERROR [addr hostname lookup failed]

One of the possible reasons can be using inetd in IPv6 environment on a linux system. If this is the case, then

  • use xinetd instead of inetd services; and
  • set protocol field to tcp46 in xinetd or inetd service entry. See also How To:Run Amanda Over IPv6.
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