Amdump Only Creates Incremental Dumps in Holding Disk

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When Amanda cannot flush dumps to tape, it only creates incremental dumps.


Amanda is supposed to be able to redirect the dumps to a specified holding disk in case there is a problem with the tape or drive. This "problem" can be anything from there being no tape in the drive, to the cable became disconnected.

Additionally, in some cases, you just want to fail all dumps to a holding disk in order to flush them all at once in order to save tapes.


Normally Amanda will only store incrementals on the holding disk, and full dumps will be skipped, as the default is to reserve 100% of the disk for degraded-mode, incremental backups. In order to allow full backups to be dumped to the holding disk, you must reduce the amount of space reserved for incrementals.

For example,

reserve 30

means to save at least 30% of the holding disk space for degraded mode (level 1 and higher) backups. That will allow 70 percent of the space to be used by full backups.


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